What Our Students Learn

Our students will learn everything they need to know to start their career in pro wrestling.

Plus: A Tryout with a Major Wrestling Federation

A Tryout with a Major Wrestling Federation i.e.: WWE, Impact Wrestling, ROH – Ring of Honor, AEW – All Elite Wrestling, MLW – Major League Wrestling, Tripple A & NJPW – New Japan Pro Wrestling. 

Learn Wrestling Psychology

The Psychology of Wrestling which is Essentially a Wrestler’s In-Ring Acting Ability to make a Wrestling Match look like a Real Fight!
It is understanding that the fans Live Vicariously through You the worker and they cheer the Baby who consistently Out Wrestles the Heel who then has to resort to and continuously Cheat to Get Over on the Baby which then builds Sympathy in the Hearts of Fans who start to become Emotional Invested in the Wrestlers by Cheering, Supporting, Hoping & Praying for the Baby’s Victory & Triumph and Simultaneously start to Boo, Hate, Despise & Long for the Defeat & Destruction of the Heel!

And when the fans see & believe that there cheering is giving hope & strength to the baby who fires up at their beck and call! or there booing strikes hate & anger in the soul of the heel, causing him to become distracted and essentially taking him off his game, they subconsciously Suspend the notion that wrestling is a work and become a super fan for that wrestler till the end of time! and that is the product of a good worker such as Icons like Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan or Stone Cold Steve Austin just to mention a few!

When you start to Understand this Concept of Good Versus Evil and apply it in Your Work! you will truly become a GREAT WORKER! who is able to give the fans Hope or take that hope Away From Them and remove the idea of wrestling being a work for a moment and Instantaneous like a Puppet Master that hangs the Hearts of Fans on the end of a String, or more accurately on the Edge of their Seats by bringing the fans to edge of ecstasy at the climax of a false finish or just as quickly destroy there hopes of victory in their Anticipation of Good Prevailing Over Evil!

Learn This & Become A Great Worker!

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